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Samstag, 20. Februar 2016

PJPS Gardening Project

Aus dem Abfalltopf ist eine Palme gewachsen!

Das PJPS Gartenprojekt

Einen neuen Garten machen!
Der Ina Awa Parish Compound, so die offizielle PJPS Adresse, das ist der Hof neben der Kirche Awa = Barmherzigkeit.
Hier ist das Buero, das PJPS Office, ein Children Care Center, und der Multi Purpose Room,  da hat es rundherum Platz fuer Abfall   ooaaauuhhh  Garten !
Wir starten  am 3. Sept. 2015

Abfallberge, 100te Schuhe, Gruempel, Plastik...
Roden wie im Urwald!Das ist am Strassenrand!

PJPS Gardening Project

Start  Sept. 3rd, 2015:
Let’s preparing our shaddy, old, dirty PJPS garden field   
into a NEW green and blooming place!

Every Saturday, 1 – 4p.m., at PJPS - Office
Everyone is welcome !
If possible, please bring your gardening tools, seed or seedlings…

I would like to be together with you to share ideas about planting, growing, nursery, then earning and not at least cooking! Specially to share all between my earth in Switzerland and your wonderful place here! Together we prepare our garden and hopefully can earn fresh vegetables, spices and blooming flowers! This includes also new trash bins for everyone to use in the entrance aera / parkfield.

The Start>   The big cleaning.  

9 mothers + 9children are here for our big start. I gave a oversight of the project (waste management, plant pots at entrance of library and multi-purpose room and naturally our garden).

First the big long woodboards and church frames need to be removed. Thanks Jonathan! Then 5 big sacks we could filled with rubbish! A lot of shoes, whole trash bins, a lot of take away plates, spoons, forks, clothes…

After 2 hours hard and sweaty work : Refreshments and a big salamat. Our secret :-) 
Now  - the big, little place is now ready to trench, hack, prepare for horticulture.
The ideas of the group is to plant: ocra, eggplants, sitaw, petchay and flowers J  

The Trashbins

Salamat po to Leila for painting
a colourful LOVE work.

These Bins are made inside the Minimum Security Camp, 8-10 pieces to use there,
and 2 for PJPS!

But this is a very hard thing to use, everyday is new rubbish still on the bottom, and nobody cares! Prisoneres sometimes are coming to clean,
some mothers or Jonathan, our staff member and me!  But ...?
Specially the use with separation signs, there is no chance! But the PJPS office decided on a staff meeting --> we are willing to do ... PLEASE DO IT !!!   Hopefully we can keep on!  

 For seed it's hard in rainy season!

In November 

> big Painting Boarder with Ice Cream ! 

> Urgent Boarder Repair!  Because the goats getting in, and taking everything!


After 3 month:  - in December 2015:  

> 3 Ocra - Basilikum to earn

Ampalaya nearly to earn
3 Ocras for 3 schoolarship mothers

> salamat po the 4 mothers and Children 

In Janary 2016

> Squash is growing 

> Ampalaya is blooming and hangging up now ...

> The Border and Entrance are breaking every few weeks ! It need chancing every

Ampalaya, Basilikum, Orcra and squash
Bitter Ampalaya blooming


>  it is dry season - so everyday ...  a lot of water carrying from office to the garden -  100m! 


> now only one mother had time ! Maraming Salamat po Nery!

 > At least the Pinoy Basilikum is growing. :-)